Leader Approach




Project Description:

This interdisciplinary project aims to diagnose and analyze methodologies, tools and governance models over more than three decades, in the use of public funds to promote the integrated development of rural territories. The aim is to analyze the past and envision the future using national strategic policies as references, with the following objectives:

  1. evaluate the impact, in rural territories, of rural development policies included in the LEADER program,
  2. create a conceptual model for replication.

As support, we will use work already carried out over several periods of financial programming within the scope of coordination, management, monitoring and evaluation of the LEADER program and, also, the actions of local managers, respective partners, beneficiaries in general and central decision-makers. This is of a case study, centered on the Local Development Association (ADRIMAG), in Arouca, with the participation of MINHA TERRA, National Federation of Associations of Local Development.

This project is part of the UNESCO Chair “The city that educates and transforms”, in the group of work IV, within the scope of the objective “Research and reflection on practices based on governance models inspired by the concept of Educating Cities and their responses to emerging problems of societies, especially from the perspective of consolidating democracies.”

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